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IoT Leader, Decisyon, Is On The Move: New CEO And New Financing Round

IoT Leader, Decisyon, Is On The Move: New CEO And New Financing Round To Accelerate Adoption Of Decisyon App Composer On Predix

San Francisco, California — July 18, 2017 —   Decisyon, Inc., the global market leader in visual application development – driven by its flagship product Decisyon App Composer (DAC) – is pleased to announce it has completed financing to accelerate the adoption of DAC through the Predix platform while leveraging a close partnership with GE. Decisyon App Composer’s unique drag-and-drop environment takes advantage of Predix, Decisyon and other Predix-compliant microservices to accelerate the creation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. DAC’s ability to inject real-time intelligence into business operations has resulted in the quick creation of meaningful business value, while slashing development time and cost by offering many pre-built modules and no required coding.

DAC is the industry’s only IoT platform for visually building intelligent, end-to-end IoT solutions that connect people, processes, information and ‘things’ (sensors, devices and equipment) without the need for coding. Unifying big data aggregation, advanced analytics, decision-making, business logic and process execution capabilities in a collaborative environment, DAC radically simplifies the creation of mission critical solutions that can scale. Decisyon software is currently used in over 200 companies globally.

Decisyon is also pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Aminian as its new President & CEO. Aminian has deep domain expertise in BI and analytics software and brings 25+ years of experience to Decisyon – having worked at leading corporations such as Oracle/Hyperion, Intergraph, and LexisNexis, as well as two successful software startups. Aminian has led Decisyon’s overall IoT strategy and the introduction of Decisyon App Composer (DAC) for the GE Predix Industrial Internet of Things, and he is supported by Decisyon’s two new leading technology investors, Spencer Trask & Co. and Palm Ventures.  As a result, the company is poised to aggressively drive the market adoption of DAC and the recently released DAC for Predix solutions.

“Alex has been on the front lines of all of the company’s work with GE. He is the right person to take us into this accelerated growth phase,” added Kevin Kimberlin, Chairman of Spencer Trask & Co. “His software and operational experience with start-ups and large high tech organizations, his vision and strategic mind, his passion for listening to customers and his collaborative style of leadership make him extraordinarily qualified to lead and grow Decisyon.”

Brad Palmer, Chairman of Palm Ventures, added, “As we look at the enormous opportunity in the industrial IoT sector and the immense amount of data required to be sourced, managed and analyzed, we are excited to be partnered with GE and the GE Predix platform, the world’s leading IoT platform. It has shown the dramatic impact that IoT applications can have in industrial markets. DAC for Predix plays a crucial role in tackling the challenge of making this immense amount of data accessible to end users on a timely and cost effective basis and enabling the data to be used to create better real-time decisions and meaningful ROI. Decisyon, through its Visual Application Development platform, is the only company we found which empowers even business users/non-developers to rapidly create applications that operate natively in the Predix environment.”

“I’m incredibly excited to lead Decisyon,” said Aminian. “Decisyon has a combination of loyal marquee customers, innovative market-tested products and amazingly talented people. I’m equally honored to continue working with such a talented group of professionals who are dedicated to technology innovation and passionate about listening to our clients.” Aminian added, “With the recent release of DAC on GE Predix, Decisyon is positioned to become the global standard in Visual App Development platforms for IoT solutions, particularly for non-developers and business professionals. DAC is a great enabler for accelerating Predix adoption; empowering the business users to get the very best out of Predix with accelerated time to value.”

“All of the major platform players such as IBM, Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Oracle and SAP have announced significant investment in IoT applications and technology. We are confident that our unique and proven DAC tool can extend their platforms to non-developers and accelerate their ability to build mission critical business solutions. Decisyon has an opportunity to be the defacto visual App development environment for business users who want to harness the power of IoT,” stated Decisyon’s Founder and CTO, Franco Petrucci.

About Decisyon

Decisyon, Inc. provides a visual app development environment with rich built-in services to accelerate the design, development and deployment of IoT solutions, without requiring coding. Decisyon software is currently used in more than 200 companies globally, including the pharmaceutical, financial services, banking, media, fashion, manufacturing, retail, transportation, telecommunications and automotive industries. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the company markets its software solutions in the United States and Europe through partners, the Predix marketplace and direct sales.