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Achieve a complete digital version of your entire operation with our end-to-end feature-rich Industry 4.0 product proven to empower insight/AI-driven applications from sensor data to actions for speed-to-value.

Our remote manufacturing and AI-driven applications can be used as provided, or customized to suit your specific production requirements and workflows in just a few weeks.

Our global partners leverage Decisyon’s flexible visual development environment along with their own IIoT platform services to deploy everywhere, accelerating transformation and achieving significant ROI.

Accelerate your execution from data to action with Decisyon App Composer’s Visual Low-Code Platform. Citizen developers, business users, and IT/OT practitioners can efficiently collaborate, rapidly build, and easily modify IIoT applications.

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Generative AI and the Smart Manufacturing Revolution

Generative AI demonstrates a groundbreaking influence on Smart Manufacturing, revolutionizing industry practices. Its capabilities, applications, and transformative potential are extensively explored, showcasing its profound impact. Decisyon's innovative approach to integrating Generative AI into manufacturing processes is meticulously dissected, revealing how it drives efficiency, agility, and innovation. This inaugural exploration of AI's role in manufacturing sets the stage for a series of insightful discussions on advancing industry practices through technology.


Food & Beverage

Abafoods, a leading European producer of plant-based drinks, partnered with Decisyon to implement a flexible Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to enhance performance and productivity. The collaboration enabled real-time monitoring of quality and performance, optimizing production processes and fostering collaboration among departments. This digital transformation resulted in significant cost reductions, improved operational insights, and better decision-making.


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