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The Power of AI to Transform Manufacturing Operations and Outcomes

In our most recent blog post (What’s All the Fuss Over Digital Twins?),  we explored the rationale for an explosion of interest in Digital Twin technology particularly in the manufacturing sector, and how these virtual copies of your physical assets are a new means to leverage  the insights and intelligence hidden in raw operational data to make smarter decisions and take actions in the industrial manufacturing environment. In this blog, we explore how to get the most value out of your digital twin technologies.

The Role of AI in Operations Predictability

Digitalizing your operations, optimizing your processes and employing historic data to make a timely, fact-based decision has now become the table stake.  The next step is leveraging AI algorithms to predict a potential issue, prescribe an appropriate solution and execute automatically.

  • Digital Twin + AI = significantly enhanced productivity. AI is a complementary element in maximizing the value you receive from your digital twin(s). AI elevates throughput and results, and gains in efficiency, prevention and overall productivity. The incorporation of AI in manufacturing operations is proven to enhance safety, reliability, quality, and security.
  • AI is not just one thing but encompasses many approaches. In the industrial world, among the many types of AI technologies that can be employed are neural networks, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, unsupervised machine learning, supervised machine learning, reinforcement learning, transfer learning, and more. These different types of AI are applied in various ways to create targeted solutions including predictive and prescriptive analytics.
  • AI improves many aspects of the industrial processes. AI can be leveraged from automating engineering design to optimizing continuous improvement through self-learning approaches, to greatly improving maintenance, to enhancing your company’s capability to provide a safe, reliable environment for your employees through predictive and prescriptive analytics.

An example of the powerful combination of Digital Twin and AI is a Prescriptive Maintenance application. It goes well beyond a typical APM (Application Performance Management) application by employing “smart improvement” asset management and predictive maintenance over time. Operational teams can use the application’s AI-based recommendations to instantly identify maintenance and upgrade requirements before slowdowns and/or failures occur. Built-in collaboration capabilities empower smart operational decision making via global information sharing, improved asset utilization and more efficient maintenance programs. The prescriptive analysis is powered by a Supervised Machine Learning (ML) algorithm that automatically classifies possible failure based on statistically reliable historical data. Over time, the ML algorithm automatically improves recommendations by self-calibrating via generating new test and training elements, increasing production efficiency and reliability, effectively eliminating nearly all machine downtime.

Decisyon’s Smart Prescriptive Maintenance application leverages predictive and prescriptive microservices in order to address the entire decision-making process and has been instrumental in helping industrial conglomerates to implement and deploy these capabilities globally in a matter of a few months, significantly reducing their production line downtime and increasing their production quotas on a regular basis.

Learn firsthand the power of Digital Twin + AI with Decisyon. We are in the business of helping manufacturers future-proof their businesses, digitalizing them with products that empower them to compete and prevail in their industry space. We can help you to quickly transform to a comprehensive digital environment to accelerate your business outcomes. Speak with one of our IIoT experts today.


Find out how a leading global supplier of on-demand components to multiple tech companies around the world used Decisyon’s Prescriptive Maintenance solution to significantly reduce downtime, optimize operations, and achieve major improvements in productivity, product quality and customer satisfaction in a very short period of time. Read the use case here.