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Decisyon Smart Gateway

Decisyon Smart Gateway (DSG) is a key component in achieving your smart digital factory. It collects streaming data from all devices and things, orchestrates them in a data lake, then creates a digital twin at the edge, cloud, or on-premise where Decisyon applications seamlessly ingest this data to process, analyze, recommend and execute an appropriate action. 

Decisyon’s Smart Gateway brings you actionable insight, significant downtime reduction, problem prevention, and improvement in plant productivity and efficiency. Using our Smart Gateway together with Decisyon Digital Factory, you will achieve a complete end-to-end solution for your manufacturing enterprise.



Create a Digital Twin that Simulates the Real Factory Environment

By creating a digital twin, Decisyon Smart Gateway empowers manufacturers to simulate the real factory environment, where management can visualize and monitor their operation holistically, plan the details, prevent problems, close the loop and optimize systems. The digital twin also adapts to new ways of working, obtains real-time updates, applies MES and/or other solutions as needed, and delivers the toughest, most complex jobs effectively and efficiently.

The net effect is an on-demand digital version of your operation, providing your enterprise with a comprehensive view of the floor operation, capable of monitoring, diagnostics, reducing downtime and increasing profit margin.




Connects all machines, devices and sensors

Collects and orchestrates all streaming data from these devices in real time

Stores the select filtered data at edge, cloud or on-premise

Creates a digital twin and provides analytics and a collaborative portal

Seamlessly integrates with AI modules and executes the modeling results


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