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Create Totally Integrated Digital Factories.

Rapidly Tailor Products to Your Customer Needs.

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Visually Digitalize Your Entire Manufacturing Value Chain
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You are in control using Decisyon’s Digital Factory (DDF) suite of Industry 4.0-empowered applications with native IT/OT integration capabilities. Our Smart Manufacturing suite of applications is designed from the ground up to provide all required functionality for the entire manufacturing value chain, from connecting all your equipment and devices to creating a digital twin, plus advanced analytics to provide you insight about all your operations and optimize them or prevent downtime and maintenance based on AI-recommendations.

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DDF’s flexible, customizable suite of applications is easily adapted to your specific operational needs and processes. It is built with Decisyon's App Composer™ platform, and seamlessly integrated with Decisyon Smart Gateway's connectivity layer and edge intelligence framework.

Decisyon App Composer (DAC)

Low-Code visual application development platform that enables citizen developers and business users with innovation speed to develop and deploy their desired manufacturing applications without reinventing the wheel.

Decisyon Smart Gateway (DSG)

Creates a digital twin at the edge, leveraging the Decisyon App Composer engine, accelerating transformation from manual and disconnected operations to intelligent digital ones.


Decisyon Digital Factory (DDF)

Empowers you to customize manufacturing applications with very low effort on the front end, reusing widgets and templates, as well as Decisyon Smart Gateway connectivity and data management capability on the back end.

Customize and Deploy Rapidly Across your Entire Operation, from Field Connectivity to Intelligent Actionable Executables

  • Allow  Decisyon to Digitalize your operations by creating a true digital twin
  • Modify KPI’s and metrics of your operation on-demand
  • Perform edge analytics to filter data based on your criteria
  • Deploy Operational Consoles to monitor operations  globally from anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Reuse Decisyon's comprehensive catalog of manufacturing-specific widgets
  • Collaborate globally around operational data
  • Create and manage alerts and tasks to appropriate personnel
  • Leverage AI-based intelligent prescriptions to reduce maintenance and down time

Operate with IT/OT Oriented Features and Widgets






Start Locally, Expand Globally: From Data and Insight to AI-driven Execution in Just a Few Weeks

Business Acceleration: Rapid MVP and solutions development

Low-Code: Reduce cost for maintenance, upgrade & roll-out

Actionable Applications: Streamline M2M & P2M actuations

Scalability: Experience deployment speed across discrete operational areas

Extended Usability: Drive more users with collaboration and execution features

Agnostic Deployment: Operate on any device or Industrial IoT platform

Market-Tested Technology, Repeatable Solutions

Decisyon offers production-ready digital Smart Manufacturing focused applications in many market sectors.

Data Collection, Analysis, Visualization, Business Intelligence, and More
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