Today, almost everything demands an immediate response. In our fully connected world, businesses and consumers are expecting solutions faster than ever – wanting the next best thing now. The market place is continually evolving, which is why the responses to its demands need to come just as fast. Indeed, the market will no longer wait weeks for an answer. And the faster a company can deliver, the better it will do in the long run. Not just financially, though. Because in a very real sense time is more than money. It is a company’s brand, its reputation, its ability to connect to vendors, to manage an efficient supply chain, to open new markets and ultimately solve problems for more people. And the only way to do that is to be able to make smarter decisions faster than your competition.

But there is a problem with the decision makers. They are human beings, after all, who wrestle with time pressures, a shortage of resources and an overwhelming amount of data arriving from different sources. Getting the right information into the hands of the decision makers quickly in time to solve problems before they happen can often be the biggest obstacle. That is, until, we find a way to streamline the process of collecting information and giving people the tools to extract the meaning hidden in their operational data and to leverage it immediately.

Those who can do this will have a clear advantage in the market. We should empower businesses to achieve improved efficiency in weeks, not months or years by giving them everything they need for the entire IoT journey – from data aggregation, extracting the insight, making timely and smart decisions to action and yet not be at the mercy of a long, error prone software / product development cycle. Instead of making customers wait months for a solution and risk allowing the market to pass them by, we’re giving them the ability to anticipate change in real time and to better predict how their business will evolve. When we help customers of all types create synergy between their data sources and utilize every possible resource, they become empowered to capture data, harvest it and leverage it – resulting in accelerating their innovation speed and improving their bottom line, lowering their costs and increasing their revenue. This is precisely what Decisyon offers those seeking a competitive edge.

Speed to market equals speed to value.

To take this logic a step further, faster decisions yield faster actions and thus, a shorter time to outcome. Speed to efficiency becomes an improved problem resolution cycle. To put it another way, speed to market becomes real value for the end user, that is when a problem is solved or a better experience is created. One example of this can be seen in air travel safety. Going far beyond the analysis and visualization of test data, we have designed the Jet Engine Test Rig solution that has built-in functionality to easily set alerts. So now, Jet Engine manufacturers like GE can detect, plan for and fix problems before they even happen. The ability to have in-flight collection and transmission of airplane performance and maintenance data allows for smarter decisions to be made faster, leading to less down time and improved safety sooner. Another example can be seen in the healthcare field as an MRI machine can be improved by using data that is aggregated, visualized and made actionable. Manufacturers can apply this information to improve how MRI machines operate, resulting in better information for physicians and their patients that can lead to better outcomes.

Any industry leader or governing institution needing to manage data who is able to harness the power of the connected world through IIoT using products and solutions that allow them to evolve as their business changes will have an immediate advantage in the market. If the ability to better forecast market shifts and adjust to them quickly appeals to you, we can help. We offer a series of pre-built, off-the-shelf tools to aggregate, visualize and analyze data and put it into action. We’re helping companies make smarter decisions faster, allowing them to not only stay ahead of the curve but reshape it.