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“Remote Everything” – The New Standard

Prior to COVID-19 Global Connectivity and Industrial Digitalization Was Well Underway. In just a few months, we’ve seen every business, and every sector disrupted. Even organizations with robust digitalization programs have been forced to reevaluate and adjust their pace and implementation velocity for innovative technology solutions to build smarter, safer, more reliable, and more resilient operations. 

2020 Has Ushered In a Renaissance of Innovation. Just as the original Renaissance brought new scientific discoveries, new forms of art and architecture, and new religious and political ideas, effective response to the 2020 pandemic is upending business models and initiating massive opportunity for companies that are nimble and equipped with the organizational vision to support transformation. On a daily basis, we’re witnessing the birth of new digital businesses and everyday tasks and processes.

“Remote Everything” is the New Standard. Adjusting to an internet-first/remote-based working ecosystem has profound effects on industries such as manufacturing that have traditionally relied on human presence to directly manage shop floor operations. As a result, this “remote everything” dynamic has put Machine Learning and AI-based decision-making and execution on the forefront of digital transformation and human-less operations to ensure safety as well as business continuity.

How can manufacturers leverage today’s Renaissance of Innovation and Remote Everything environment to survive, thrive, and prevail? We’re seeing leading-edge companies aligning themselves with other enterprises who are on the forefront of innovation to bring outstanding creative, game-changing solutions to the manufacturing world.

When innovative companies combine subject matter expertise and product offerings to deliver true end-to-end manufacturing solutions, the entire manufacturing world and the customers they serve all become beneficiaries. For example, our company and Schneider Electric entered into a global reseller agreement thatprovides customers an elevated value proposition in several ways: by significantly increasing the availability of applications and opening the door to a new set of citizen developers and business technologists; by allowing companies to view and analyze data from all global sources in one place to more easily decide the next best action and steps of execution; and by providing off-the-shelf remote manufacturing and AI-driven applications. 

We are thrilled to be a part of this historic rebirth of innovation and especially to be on the frontlines of solving real problems for the manufacturing world.

How can we help you on your journey to quickly transform to a digital environment and elevate your business outcomes? We’d love to help you meet your goals and overcome any challenges. Speak with one of our IIoT experts today.


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