Streamline Your Pharmaceutical Operations and Improve Efficiency


IoT Real-Time Performance Management Solution is the Prescription for Success

Inefficiencies caused by outdated manual operations created costly production delays at our global pharma manufacturing customer’s facilities. Decisyon’s Manufacturing Control Tower solution provided the company with a 360-degree real-time visual of its shop floor – from production line coordinators to plant directors. With market conditions changing all the time, the manufacturer is able to communicate across plants and keep key players apprised real-time, shop floor productivity is enhanced, and effectiveness has improved across plants and geographies.


Below is a selection of Decisyon's products that will help get you started on a more efficient digital transformation.

Decisyon Digital Factory (DDF)

Our Industry 4.0-empowered applications with native IT/OT integration capabilities work together to rapidly tailor your products to shifting customer demands.

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Control Tower

Seamless, holistic, end-to-end visibility and transparency of operations to aggregate and control data.

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Decisyon's Lean Manufacturing Optimizer (DLMO)

Digitalize and accelerate the entire production process from issue identification to smart execution. Simplify and automate KPI-driven recommendations, follow up, and subsequent actions from production stakeholders.

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Digital OEE Optimizer

Gain a holistic view of department performances from different perspectives. Visually track results via PCs, touchscreens, or tablets. Everyone can participate in 360° operational views in real-time for increased efficiency and faster time to market.

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