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LCNC – An Essential Platform for Industry 4.0 in 2021

Smart Manufacturing, Digital Transformation, or Industry 4.0. – whatever your preferred terminology – may be “just what the doctor ordered” for manufacturers to both survive the present and launch into a bright post-pandemic future. 

Industry 4.0 describes the integration of digital data from a variety of sources, sensors, devices and locations that become the drivers that enable the physical act of manufacturing, and this happens in a continuous “physical-digital-physical” loop. It is a cyclical flow in which manufacturing systems connect, communicate and use the real-time data of physical systems to digitally drive actionable intelligence to execution on the factory floor.

~ What has become an absolute essential in driving this connection across the enterprise from the production floor to the customer site is an effective platform for Visual Low-Code No-Code (LCNC) application development. ~

LCNC platforms are experiencing increasing popularity and adoption among manufacturers, for good reason. They offer a variety of business values such as process modernization, easier and faster customization of digital solutions, and flexibility and extensibility for scalable implementation. LCNC platforms connect people to processes and machines, paving the way for an effective, rapid digital transformation of the entire operation.

Here’s why manufacturers are adopting LCNC platforms at an astonishing rate:

  • Democratize access for business users – Modern and intuitive user interfaces, responsive designs on any device, and custom widgets empower business users and citizen developers to visually build new applications and customize existing ones
  • Reduce time to market – Entire applications can be developed easily with significantly reduced development time using visual drag and drop features and a variety of ready-to-deploy modules
  • Improve operational efficiency By digitalizing operations, employees have instant access to real-time insights, making effective global collaboration possible and empowering smarter and faster decisions based on those insights
  • Seamless integration with external sources – API’s allow for easy and seamless integration of databases and third party modules without complexity

LCNC platforms should be a key element in your arsenal to succeed in 2021 and beyond.  Some LCNC technologies lack industry-specific solutions or templates that accelerate app development to create connected factories. If you’re looking to use technology strategically to optimize operational efficiency and accelerate the launch of prototypes, MVPs, and entire applications, you need an effective LCNC platform specifically for manufacturing. 

Decisyon is on the forefront of LCNC platforms and Digital Manufacturing Applications and has been for many years – this is our wheelhouse. We’re excited to be a part of the digital transformationjourneyfor our manufacturing clients, from data aggregation to smart decisioning and AI-based recommended actions, and to be catalysts in advancing the Industry 4.0 paradigm to help manufacturers both thrive within and beyond this extraordinary moment in history.

Start your Digital Journey with Decisyon. We can help you to quickly transform to a comprehensive digital environment to elevate/accelerate your business outcomes. Speak with one of our IIoT experts today.

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