A deluge of data is coming

The thinking goes; “Okay, this is big but how do I leverage it today? How do I operationalize it or monetize this data that I am collecting today? Who do I work with? How does it solve my business problems or make my operations more profitable and competitive?

It really works

Decisyon has been at this for over 4 years, and we have focused on operationalizing applications that leverage both device data, enterprise data and analytics.  We then integrate the functionality and data into existing workflows and social interactions. Why? Because all of the data created is useless unless users can utilize it quickly and within context of their day-to-day roles.

There is an constant onslaught of new ideas about IoT technologies. We wanted to provide an environment, a tool set if you will, that allows you, without high cost or time or IT expertise, to prototype business solutions and innovate rapidly. We wanted users to be able to self-support their applications. You don’t need IT staff to help you build it or maintain it.

Users don’t have to invest massively, they don’t have to go through long training and most importantly they can do most of the development work without any programming background.  Empowering business users provides the most likely path to getting IoT applications rapidly adopted by the enterprise.

We have numerous clients who have made this vision a reality today. In addition to the Manufacturing/supply chain system we previously mentioned, we have seen successful implementations in various industries including clean energy/ asset management and pharmaceutical/ supply chain applications.

Envisioning new paradigms & possibilities

To say that the opportunities are endless for innovation is an understatement.  The other day, I saw a new Internet connected, IoT-based frying pan. You say, “What?” It’s connected to your iPhone. You select from a menu that you want to cook salmon, it tells you when to turn it over, how much to cook it. So the pan is talking to your iPhone connected to a menu and that menu and the recipe tells you exactly what to do, how to cook it.  Now I know what you are thinking! This is useless, who would use this? But what if you are a nationwide chain of restaurants? How much money do you lose in improperly prepared food?  How often are items thrown away that are under or over cooked?  What if these applications improved inventory loss by 20% or 30%? To a company that spends billions in food products, the value could be immeasurable.

Now take it a step further what if the chief chef could build a new dish based on nationwide consumption data, build a new recipe with sensor measurements and triggers and then deploy nationwide in one application?  Think of the competitive advantage, think of the market impact, these are the things that get me excited to go to work every day. The chance to change the game.

The advent of IoT/IoE connectivity is creating a fundamental shift in the technology landscape, empowering brand new ways of thinking about business.  Your work is going to change the game. It’s going to empower a new generation of entrepreneurs — creating new types of commercial applications and Decisyon is the development platform to empower and enable that change.