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Speed-To-Value Cycle

To compete and prevail in today’s marketplace, manufacturers need an end-to-end solution that combines low-code application development with production-tested, ready-to-use Digital Factory solutions. The result: speed to value, scalability, improved safety, and greater efficiency.

Accelerate Your Digitalization Efforts

Regardless of where your manufacturing operation is on the digital transformation continuum, having the right technology, partners, and processes in place is essential to create a digital environment that acts intelligently and autonomously — a true "Smart Factory"

Collect, Organize, and Orchestrate Data

Information is today’s – and tomorrow’s – currency. Knowing how to successfully manage massive volumes of data with the speed and accuracy required to deliver the right data to the right place, machines, and people at the right time wins the competitive wars.

Gain a Real-Time, Holistic Global View

Our visual solution combines your multiple IT systems, processes, and machines in one highly efficient environment with a 360-degree, real-time view of plant operations. The right data and decision-making power can be at your fingertips on each plant floor, proactively predicting events to benefit all of your operations.

Provide Insights and Intelligence 

A fully digitalized environment will enhance collaboration, information sharing, and decision-making. With our platform, managers are alerted to conditions that need real-time attention. They can make better decisions, improve processes, mitigate risks, and reduce costs through automated data collection and proactive intervention.

Create an Autonomous  Learning Environment

Your newly created operational digital twins which proactively maintain, optimize and monitor operations globally can autonomously think, predict, recommend, and execute the best course of action for continuous improvement and optimization.

A Smart IoT Gateway

A key component in a digital factory is a Smart IoT Gateway that sits between devices, operators and the cloud. Its job is to securely collect, analyze and act on the raw data from its connected sensors and devices. An effective Smart IoT Gateway provides the capability to readily connect all sort of machines (old and new, different brands and protocols via PLCs), collects the streaming data to be consumed and utilized, and acts as a filtering mechanism, performing a quick diagnostic or predictive analysis. It should be smart enough to apply rules, take required action if needed, and send the required data to the application in the cloud.


A Digital Twin

A Digital Twin is another essential element. It simulates the real factory environment so management can visualize and monitor their operations holistically, plan the details, prevent problems, close the loop and optimize the system. The goal is to replicate every single process for a complete digital model of the factory.

The digital twin also adapts to new ways of working, obtains real-time updates, applies MES and/or other solutions as needed, and delivers the toughest, most complex jobs effectively and efficiently.

A digital twin – while a critical first step – is a means to an end. Connecting all physical assets to create a digital twin provides access to your sensor and operational data. Your digital transformation journey doesn’t end with the creation of a digital twin. The real value of digitalization is the ability to use the insights and intelligence hidden in raw operational data to make smarter decisions and take action.


With a digital twin, an enterprise can recreate complex processes, visualize an entire factory’s operations, apply business rules, algorithms or analytics to support human decisions, or automate decision-making.

A Low-Code Platform for Industry 4.0

At the core of Smart Manufacturing, Digital Transformation, or Industry 4.0. ― whatever your preferred terminology ― is the low-code integration of digital data from a variety of sources, sensors, devices, and locations that become the drivers that enable the physical act of manufacturing, and this happens in a continuous “physical-digital-physical” loop. It is a cyclical flow, in which manufacturing systems connect,  communicate and use the real-time data of physical systems to digitally drive actionable intelligence to execution on the factory floor.


An effective platform for Visual Low-Code application development drives the connection across the enterprise, from the production floor to the customer site.

Leverage AI to Transform Manufacturing Operations

There’s no question that as part of ongoing digital transformation everything will be connected and self-aware with its own digital twin. Digitalizing your operations, optimizing your processes, and employing historic data to make a timely, fact-based decision have quickly become the table stake.

The next step is leveraging AI algorithms to predict problems, prescribe appropriate solutions, and execute them automatically. The “remote everything” dynamic that became even more widely adopted as a result of the global COVID-19 response has put Machine Learning and AI-based decision-making and execution at the forefront of digital transformation and human-less operations to ensure safety as well as business continuity.


AI empowers manufacturers to get the most value out of digital twin technologies with enhanced productivity, predictive and prescriptive analytics,  improved maintenance, and much more.

Data Collection, Analysis, Visualization, Business Intelligence, and More
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