Schneider Electric Global Supply Chain
Lean Meeting Optimization Empowers KPI-Driven Execution in 200 Global Plants

Schneider Electric Global Supply Chain (GSC) implemented the Lean Meeting cloud app which leverages Decisyon App Composer™ (DAC) and Schneider Electric’s IIoT EcoStruxure™ Plant Advisor Platform in order to optimize their global operations.

The solution improves production site performance by empowering thousands of Schneider Electric's GSC employees to quickly analyze ideas and actions, accelerating decision-making and problem resolutions in their plants around the world.

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Active Plants


Concurrent users
per shift per day

Avg increase in site performance

~4 hours
To configure and
deploy a new plant

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has been named the Best Global Sustainable Supply Chain organization at the Global Sustainable Supply Chain Summit 2021 (GSSC Summit). In 2021, it was ranked 4th in Gartner’s closely-watched annual ranking of corporate supply chains.

“Using the native collaboration capabilities and data-driven execution functions of Decisyon App Composer, Schneider Electric’s Global Supply Chain has transformed almost 200 plants to work like they belong to a unique human being with one heartbeat guided by our Smart Factory digital brain."

Anthony Loy

VP Smart & Sustainable Industrial Ecosystem Transformation

“This solution is used every day by 100% of our employees, operators or team leaders. It is at the center of our daily performance meetings and enabled us to improve our site performance by 4 to 5%. We have improved our reactivity, with the possibility of escalating priority actions during the course of the day.”                

Philippe Sola

Carros, France Plant General Manager at Schneider Electric

“Employees see their issues shared with top management and can get quick response. This has a strong impact on motivation and also brings a fun aspect to using the app.”

Guillaume Lenotre

Head of Smart Factory Project for Carros,
France Plant

This tool meets the needs of employees in the production sectors, but also in the support services such as health, safety, quality, supply chain, and maintenance processes. For us, the goal is to improve our productivity by about 7% every year, and above all, we are seeking to accelerate our capacity to see and decide.”

Emmanuel Morice

Le Vaudreuil Plant* General Manager

*Le Vaudreuil was designated Advanced 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) Lighthouse
Accelerate 2

Accelerate Decision-Making in Lean Manufacturing Operation

The goal of this application was to empower thousands of users from the shop floor to the top floor, and from IT and OT, to globally collaborate, make smarter data-based decisions, and solve production problems while reducing both downtimes and time-to-value. The Schneider Electric Global Supply Chain business unit (GSC) has a set of OEE improvement objectives and as a result, required this new solution to accelerate decision-making in lean manufacturing meetings and implementation of remedial actions.

KPI-Driven Action Generation and Execution

Decisyon App Composer, leveraging the EcoStruxure Plant Advisor IIoT platform, designed and introduced a fully mobile, actionable, end-to-end Lean Meeting application that entirely digitalized and optimized Schneider Electric GSC’s manufacturing process. It enables operators and managers to quickly analyze ideas and actions, accelerating decision making and problem resolutions. It also provides automatic KPIs for process efficiency, bringing a global standardization and robustness to short interval cycles for all the plants around the world, while preserving local flexibility and control.


Idea Generation and Escalation with Collaborative Tools

Decisyon’s App Composer has not only dramatically accelerated solution creation and deployment but more importantly, DAC’s out-of-the-box collaborative data-driven capabilities improve the engagement for operational teams. This powerful combination empowers teams with a greater degree of autonomy and responsibility for how equipment runs, along with the ability to generate ideas and provide visible and measurable results.

The Results

Decisyon’s Digital Lean Meeting (DLM) application is a unique digital tool that collects all KPIs used in the Lean Manufacturing short-interval management cycles. It empowers everyone – from the staff on the plant floor to the top management –with complete access to all factory information and follow up on efficiency actions.

Decisyon’s DLM application has generated high commitment at all levels of production and has enabled GSC to increase its production site performance by an average of 4-5% over a year. The combined scalable architectures of EcoStruxure Plant Advisor and of Decisyon App Composer have enabled them to configure and run a new plant impressively in merely 4 hours.


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