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Decisyon’s Supply Chain Management solutions improve supply chain reliability, reduce risk in supplier selection and improve efficiency in supplier management. The solutions digitalize business processes and workflows and integrate data and market knowledge from multiple sources, providing a holistic view across your company’s entire supply chain. By eliminating data silos, delivering the capability to build a digital twin of the physical supply chain, and incorporating AI and ML tools, Decisyon solutions provide manufacturers with everything needed to quickly gain actionable intelligence, apply it immediately, and avoid costly disruptions.


Gain Actionable Intelligence to Build a More Resilient Supply Chain

One of the largest consumer products and pharmaceutical companies in the world required a smart, digitalized, supply chain management solution to predict and prevent disruptions affecting customer delivery. The cloud-based Decisyon solution collects, harmonizes and shares data across their entire operation, from thousands of global manufacturers and suppliers. It has increased efficiency globally by providing real-time visibility into supplier performance KPIs, and delivers opex savings by eliminating delays caused by manual data consolidation and coordination.

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Predict and mitigate supply chain failures before business disruption

Create a single point of access to all internal and external supplier information including partner ecosystems

Support cross-functional, in-context collaboration and decision making for supplier selection, sourcing and evaluation

Rate suppliers' quality, pricing, ethical sourcing practices and timeliness of delivery

Synchronize production and movement of inventory through manufacturing of finished goods to customer delivery


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Control Tower Solution Revolutionizes
Manufacturing Operations

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Manufacturer Obtains €3M Added Value Per Plant Annually from WCM Control Tower

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