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Prescriptive Maintenance

Decisyon’s Prescriptive Maintenance application provides AI-based recommendations that operational teams can use to instantly identify maintenance tasks and upgrade requirements before failures occur. Decisyon’s prescriptive analysis algorithms are powered by an unsupervised Machine Learning (ML) technology that automatically classifies possible failures based on statistically reliable historical data. Over time, the ML algorithm automatically improves recommendations by self-calibrating thus increasing production efficiency and reliability, and effectively eliminating nearly all machine downtime.


Preventative Maintenance

Smarter, More Efficient Asset Management Starts with
Decisyon’s Prescriptive Maintenance Application

Improve Production Efficiency and Gain Actionable Insight
Smarter, More Efficient Asset Management Starts with
Decisyon’s Prescriptive Maintenance Application

Decisyon’s Prescriptive Maintenance application leverages predictive and prescriptive microservices to address the entire decision-making process. The application connects machine sensors, brokers and exports their streaming data, runs AI algorithms and provides executable recommendations in an intuitive user interface.

Using Decisyon’s Prescriptive Maintenance application, manufacturers make smarter operational and maintenance decisions, extending the life of their assets, and are able to take action before production slowdowns or shutdowns occur.


Prescriptive maintenance


Increase assets’
Life Time Value (LTV)

Evolve existing maintenance programs

Make smarter decisions
based on Machine Learning

Enable collaboration around the recommended Next Best Action


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