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Manufacturing Execution System

Decisyon’s Manufacturing Execution System (MES) brings Operational Intelligence to manufacturing companies. Its advanced analytics and end-to-end capabilities will dramatically improve your manufacturing operation’s efficiency and provides accurate real-time visibility into production and the entire factory floor.

Decisyon’s MES introduces real- time collaboration to the modern manufacturing environment by tracking and gathering real-time data about the complete production lifecycle.



Modular MES that Overcomes Limitations of Typical Monolithic Solutions


Gain flexibility and efficiency in manufacturing systems, by approaching your plant environment in a more horizontal and modular way, and overcome any constraints of monolithic legacy technologies and applications.

With Decisyon’s MES, you’ll replace disparate applications, spreadsheets and paperwork with an innovative system that is intuitive and effective for the end user, from the line operator to the production manager.


MES2 (1)


Real-time process order management

Automatic detection of line downtimes, speed losses, root causes issues

Immediate communication with other departments (maintenance, quality) for fast issue resolution

Collaborative Data Analysis and Task Board for improving efficiency

Fast onboarding of users due to intuitive visual UI


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Modular, Flexible MES Boosts Performance, Productivity and Collaborative Intelligence


CPG Company Packages Up Global Supplier Data for Real-time Decision Making

Control Tower2

Data Collection, Analysis, Visualization, Business Intelligence, and More
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