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Manufacturing Control Tower

Decisyon’s Manufacturing Control Tower application is designed from the ground up to provide seamless, end-to-end visibility and transparency enabling ops managers to readily aggregate and control their data and have a holistic view of their operations. 

As a central hub of data collection that organizes the data and distributes it to stakeholders, Decisyon Manufacturing Control Tower captures real-time analytics and allows logistics providers to improve their operations, become more flexible to growing consumer demands, and improve end-to-end operations visibility. 



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Enhance Shop Floor Productivity and Effectiveness Across Plants and Geographies


Decisyon’s multinational manufacturing client wanted to digitize its WCM operations, which meant replacing its existing manual methods to create a single point of access to many decentralized data sources and systems.

Decisyon’s Manufacturing Control Tower provided their entire team, from production line coordinators to plant directors, with 360° operational views in real-time, yielding increased efficiency and faster time to market.


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Enable performance dialogue through targeted visual dashboards and analytics

Capture actions within a knowledge base for future problem resolution

View and insert data and KPIs in interactive boards, highlighting planned and actual results

Drill down into line and production data to pinpoint root cause

Facilitate reporting, decision making and management at all levels of the operation


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Manufacturing Control Tower Solution Revolutionizes Manufacturing Operations

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Manufacturer Obtains €3M Added Value Per Plant Annually from WCM Control Tower

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Data Collection, Analysis, Visualization, Business Intelligence, and More
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