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Digital OEE Optimizer

Decisyon’s Digital OEE Optimizer application provides a holistic view of department performances from different perspectives, including waterfall or the classical OEE definition. Results are tracked and visualized on line PCs, large touchscreens, or tablets within the shop floor, with information displayed by department, line, and machine. From Operators to Supervisors and Managers, all actors participate in 360° operational views in real-time, yielding increased efficiency and faster time to market.


Deploy a Ready-to-Use Multisite Cloud OEE Solution
in Less Than 4 Weeks


Over a thousand users working in real time with Decisyon’s Digital OEE Optimizer application now have a complete performance overview of all the plant areas generating collective intelligence to spread best practices around all the shop floors.

Using the Digital OEE Optimizer application, Decisyon’s customers gain flexibility and efficiency across production areas, by approaching the plant environment in a more holistic and yet modular way in order to overcome any constraints of monolithic legacy technologies and applications.

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Reduce downtime, proactively preventing maintenance

Only 20% customization effort to create an intuitive and effective user experience

Reduce quality issues and eliminate costly production delays

Customize and deploy your first MVP in production in less than 4 weeks

Native cloud availability for multisite interoperability


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CPG Company Packages Up Global Supplier Data for Real-time Decision Making

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