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Asset Performance Management

Decisyon’s Asset Performance Management (APM) application delivers essential insights for asset maintenance and operations. It optimizes performance, extends asset lifecycles, and reduces operational downtime and costs. Built with our leading visual App Composer, it will dramatically improve your bottom line.

Our clients report extraordinary results such as average downtime reduction of up to 20%, labor utilization increase of 15-20%, and asset utilization increase of 5%. Decisyon APM transforms how organizations manage their assets with seamlessly integrated collaboration, task management, workflow, and alerting capabilities. Get ready to transform your entire operation into the new digital era.


Improves asset utilization, recommends options for
improvement and implements relevant actions
Obtain a holistic view of your digital twins and overall manufacturing processes

Designed to integrate real-time data from multiple systems and sources, Decisyon’s APM application provides a single point of access to critical data being generated by key assets such as manufacturing equipment, electricity and wind turbines, oil and gas exploration equipment, healthcare devices and others.

Feeding historic trends and real-time data into predictive models, operations teams can instantly identify maintenance and upgrade requirements before failures occur.



Monitor plants, production lines and components of the machines from a central location

Schedule maintenance teams to repair machines within a unified environment

Holistic views of Historian and enterprise asset management systems, asset detail repositories, widgets and manuals

Simplify failure prediction and reduce downtime 

Collaborate around the recommended Next Best Action


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APM Asset Details

Data Collection, Analysis, Visualization, Business Intelligence, and More
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