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Decisyon Launches App Composer (DAC) for GE’s Predix Platform

Decisyon App Composer, a comprehensive visual app development environment for IIoT applications, offers GE’s Predix platform users unparalleled speed and flexibility for both expert developers and non-developers.

San Francisco, California — May 16, 2017 — Decisyon, Inc. today announced the launch release of Decisyon App Composer (DAC) for Predix, the first “no coding” visual environment for constructing and deploying industrial applications on GE’s Predix platform for the Industrial Internet. With DAC, developers and non-developers alike can rapidly build prototypes and fully-functioning industrial IoT (IIoT) applications that run on Predix and native DAC services in a fraction of the time previously required. DAC for Predix can be accessed immediately through the Services Catalog.

Putting the power of Predix to work, today.

Decisyon’s visual app composer dramatically accelerates the time-to-value for users of the Predix platform. Solution Architects, Systems Integrators, and enterprise users can rapidly design and deploy Predix capabilities into real-time business operations.  DAC enables users to build robust Predix applications and launch rich IIoT solutions using simple intuitive drag-n-drop operations.

Decisyon’s CEO Ben Hennelly said, “We have been extremely pleased with user response since we released our beta version on Predix last November. Everyone in the Predix ecosystem benefits from making it simpler to adopt and deploy the platform’s growing capabilities, especially during the pre-sales and design process.  That’s our mission.”

“Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) are critical partners to help GE Digital expand Predix adoption,” said Nick Simha, Vice President, Independent Software Developers for GE Digital. “Decisyon App Composer is an intuitive visual environment for making development on Predix efficient, fast and fun by giving both professional developers and business users a tool to rapidly build a Predix application.”

Speed, Power and Agility.

DAC’s app development environment is designed to offer powerful end-to-end data-driven functionality for app developers, including direct access to a growing catalog of Predix microservices and digital tools with the ability to easily call on other external services as desired. DAC enables Predix users to put their time towards higher-value design, development and selling activities because DAC has already assembled the basics.

Our goal is to give Predix users a launch pad to more easily build Industrial IoT apps, whether they are beginners or experts, whether the application they are constructing is simple or complex,” Hennelly explains. “DAC’s visual interface layer calls on all Predix microservices and widgets, rich native functionality, and any external services desired. Because of that openness, and our ‘no coding required’ approach, you can assemble Predix-based applications from inside DAC more easily than anywhere else.”

DAC enables users to build end-to-end IIoT solutions, including asset/process optimization and predictive maintenance applications, without the need to code or integrate multiple products. By closing the gap between data analysis and operational response, Predix-based vertical solutions can be built, iterated, and customized more easily than ever before.

About Decisyon

Decisyon, Inc. provides a visual app development environment with rich built-in services to accelerate the design, development, and deployment of IIoT solutions, without requiring coding. Decisyon software is currently used in more than 200 companies globally, including the pharmaceutical, financial services, banking, media, fashion, manufacturing, retail, transportation, telecommunications and automotive industries. Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., the company markets its software solutions in the United States and Europe through partners, the Predix marketplace, and direct sales.