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Decisyon Just Made Monolithic Factory Data Systems Obsolete

San Francisco, California — May 22, 2018 — Decisyon, Inc. proudly announces the launch and immediate availability of Decisyon Digital Factory, designed from the ground up for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms to rapidly digitalize and optimize plant operations and manage its smart digital twin. This smart digital manufacturing solution eliminates the need for factory operators to be dependent on complex, monolithic and expensive to modify software. This intuitive solution delivers all the tools needed to visually connect to all your internal and/or external data sources, visualize, analyze, collaborate in context, decide and put them into action.

Decisyon Digital Factory supports continuous improvement throughout manufacturing operations by identifying where to optimize performance and improve production. It improves the speed at which managers can identify and resolve issues on the shop floor and confirm inventory. It also helps to strengthen production, operational and supply chain communications. As a cloud-based software solution, Decisyon Digital Factory goes to work immediately. It can be applied to a factory’s current workflow, or be easily adapted to a company’s specific production needs.

IIoT in Action: Smart Factories Start with Smart Solutions

Decisyon Digital Factory integrates plant operations across disparate systems, processes and geographies. It digitally reproduces the production value chain from planning to shipping while controlling line operations, quality, packaging and other steps in the entire manufacturing process.

“Decisyon Digital Factory was designed to rapidly connect and digitalize the factories, plant and manufacturing processes with all the necessary features to visually adapt it to business changes and market demands and has been tested in production at a number of global conglomerates” said Decisyon’s CEO, Alex Aminian.

“A good example of how we are assisting our clients comes from a global CPG company. With Digital Factory, they  have been able to aggregate and analyze data from different sources in real time. With the ability to analyze every part of their supply chain and leverage a holistic view of their production lines, not only, they are operating far more efficiently but also experiencing an ROI of around 35% at just one factory,” said Aminian.

Decisyon Digital Factory runs on any PaaS platforms leveraging the underlying services. It is built with Decisyon’s App Composer (DAC), the low code visual app development environment for composing industrial IoT applications. Flexible, adaptive and intuitive, Decisyon Digital Factory makes monolithic manufacturing systems obsolete, turning a disconnected factory into one that achieves higher productivity with lower costs, responding to market conditions in real time while optimizing its profits.

For more information, contact:

Cynthia Grohoski

Tel: 203.252.1258