Italfarmaco Improves Efficiency Using Decisyon's Digital OEE Application

Italfarmaco SpA is a private Italian multinational company located in Milan, and a leading pharmaceutical company focusing on Women’s Health. The company needed a solution that and kept manufacturing costs at a competitive level and supported an efficient and successful marketing. Decisyon’s Digital OEE application was deployed in production in less than 3 months. The application provides Italfarmaco with a complete performance overview of all plants’ areas, generates collective intelligence, and distributes best practices throughout their shop floors.

As a result, Italfarmaco gained flexibility and efficiency in their packaging areas, improved real-time information, and was able to use the data generated by Decisyon’s Digital OEE application to build, for instance, solid business cases for investment in new machines.


Collaboration-Based Production Control

More Efficient Packaging Operations

New Opportunities for Manufacturing Investment

Data Collection, Analysis, Visualization, Business Intelligence, and More
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