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Enel Green Power Transforms End-to-End Power Plant Process with Decisyon App Composer™

Enel Green Power (EGP) is one of the world's leading renewable energy companies. EGP engaged Decisyon to digitize information flow from its power plants in order to gain higher efficiency and effectiveness across their global network. The Decisyon solution enabled EGP decision makers to improve data quality, circumvent downtime, prevent cash flow errors, and increase reporting consistency.


The Challenge: Manage Energy Production and Consumption to Gain the Highest Possible Efficiency

Enel Green Power uses metering technology to monitor power generation in its power plants. EGP needed to digitize the overall flow of information coming from the meters and drive that IoT data through the decision-making value chain to create greater efficiencies, avoid blockages or energy surpluses in the network, and prevent cash flow errors in the payment settlement system. EGP also needed to add collaboration capabilities and install analytics to prevent errors.

The Solution: Digitized Information Flow with Advanced Analytics, Reporting and Collaboration

Enel's Decisyon App Composer solution provides:

  • Enhanced data quality, advanced analytics, and process workflow capabilities
  • Improved reporting that ensures open lines of communication with regulatory bodies, thus circumventing unnecessary fines
  • Digital transformation of the end-to-end process, making it actionable from sensing data through financial administration

The Results: An End-to-End, Fully Digitized Process

As a result of the Decisyon App Composer solution, EGP reports:

  • A massive reduction in errors in financial allocation, reporting, and process workflow
  • Invoicing mismatches are eliminated
  • Downtime prevented due to proactive reduction of system errors
  • Improved reporting processes that maintain compliance with regulatory bodies and circumvent unnecessary fines
  • Digital transformation of their entire process, now scaled and deployed in multiple countries

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