Decisyon App Composer for Predix

Deliver IIoT Solutions–Easy, Fast, Smart

Decisyon App Composer's™ (DAC) visual Low-Code app development environment leverages Predix, Decisyon, and other Predix-compliant microservices to accelerate the creation of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions.

The Power of Decisyon and Predix

Built-in Automation Capabilities

Decisyon App Composer is designed from the ground up to provide all of the functionality you need to create industrial scale production applications and then modify them as your business evolves.

Only Native Predix App Composer

Eliminate setup time for Predix environments. Our dedicated version for Predix binds with the most relevant Predix microservices like Enterprise Connect, TS, UAA, Analytics Framework, etc. and UI/UX Predix-ready widgets.

Agnostic and Flexible IIoT Platform

Create and customize your app, and deploy in any IaaS (Azure, AWS, private cloud), using our container-based architecture. Leverage microservices from different platforms and integrate your Predix app with third party apps and functionality using our extended GUI for managing third parties’ APIs.

Watch Decisyon and Predix in Action

Predix and Decisyon:
Enabling App Building with No Coding

GE Aviation Takes Flight with Automated Data
Testing and Collaboration

Data Collection, Analysis, Visualization, Business Intelligence, and More
The smarter and faster approach to solving your digital transformation challenges is here.
Decisyon's low-code platform and Digital Factory application suite are ready to maximize the productivity of your citizen developers and business users throughout the entire software development cycle.

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