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Put IIoT into Action in less than 8 weeks with Ready-to-Use Manufacturing Solutions


Together, Microsoft and Decisyon make it easier than ever to digitize your manufacturing operations, by leveraging Azure
scalability and microservices, ready-to-use Decisyon Digital Factory (DDF) solutions and Decisyon's subject matter expertise in manufacturing.

With Decisyon’s Digital Factory solutions, you can rapidly connect and digitalize plants, factories and manufacturing processes.
The solutions digitally reproduce the production value chain (Operational Digital Twin) from planning to shipping while controlling line operations, quality, packaging and other steps in the entire manufacturing process using our BPM and workflow features. Your users can create business rules on the edge and enable collaboration between IT and OT teams, empowering them to create tasks, actions and actuations on machines via our Smart Gateway.

Use the DDF solutions as provided, or adapt them visually to business changes and market demands, without custom coding. Decisyon Digital Factory solutions are built with Decisyon’s App Composer™ low code visual app development environment that goes far beyond simple data visualization and enables operational intelligence.

DAC for Digital Factory Overcomes Limitations of Other IIoT Software Solutions


Decisyon App Composer for Digital Factory is also available in the Microsoft AppSource marketplace. DAC is the LowCode/NoCode technology used to develop the DDF solutions and can be used by developers to create new IIoT applications. DAC overcomes limitations of other software solutions and monolithic manufacturing systems, by providing you with all of the features and functions in a single, unified development environment that leverages Microsoft Azure PaaS capabilities in conjunction with all Decisyon-native services.


Decisyon Digital Factory in Action


  • Eliminate the need for factory operators to be dependent on complex, monolithic solutions
  • Support continuous improvement throughout manufacturing operational intelligence
  • Optimize performance and improve production taking real-time actions
  • Improve the speed to identify and resolve issues on the shop floor and execute

"Decisyon is delivered 'out of the box' with key edge analytics, KPIs, BPM, workflows, reports and collaboration tools that work the way manufacturing does."

- WCM manager, Pharma Company


Get the Decisyon Digital Factory Suite on Microsoft AppSource

Digital WCM

Gain a holistic view and digitalization of World Class Manufacturing (WCM) on the edge in single plants, and across manufacturing operations.

Visual MES

Integrate data from existing systems (ERP), from sensors, and from users into a unique interface.

Digital Cockpit

Get operational commitment and transparent exchange about line productivity and effectiveness, plan and schedule attainment.

Asset Management

Build Operational Digital Twins of your plants, monitor plants, machines and components from a central location, while managing performance and maintenance activities.

From aggregation to action
The only solution you need to optimize everything about your factory


Decisyon’s Digital Factory makes monolithic manufacturing systems obsolete, turning a disconnected factory into one
that achieves higher productivity with lower costs, responding to market conditions, in real time while optimizing its
profits. The result: a comprehensive view of your entire operation, yielding better decisions and improved processes.

Enhanced Productivity and Scalability
  • Through real-time information exchange, error-prone, manual data/information collection and aggregation are reduced
  • Allows end users to create global, multi-plant manufacturing solutions
  • Creates the interoperability conditions to effectively involve cross-department managers and practitioners
Reduced cost
Reduced Cost


  • Automated data collection and more timely intervention when issues arise reduce costly production delays
  • Enhance DDF capabilities with ML and AI services available in Azure
  • Increase device connectivity with Azure Digital Twins capabilities and/or Decisyon's standard Smart Gateway
Improved Communications
Improved Operational Communication
  • In-context collaboration reduces the need for phone calls, emails, and meetings between operators, managers, and departments
  • Deploy on MS Azure infrastructure to ensure global cross-operational cooperation between IT and OT
  • Empower all the people in the value chain to get involved in the decision-making process, take action, and create execution rules to be applied on the plant

You are Just a Few Steps Away

Decisyon Digital Factory is the only solution you need -- from aggregation to action -- to optimize everything about your manufacturing operations.