Decisyon App Composer™

Make Better Industrial IoT Apps, Faster

Revolutionize how you bring your vision to life. Our AI-driven, low-code, visual drag & drop development environment simplifies and accelerates the creation process, enabling you to prototype innovative IIoT solutions in just 2 weeks. Empower your digital transformation, make application development faster, more intuitive, and efficient like never before.


Empowerment of Citizen Developers

DAC makes it possible for non-technical individuals to quickly build and adapt applications, democratizing app development.

Accelerated Deployment

Say goodbye to lengthy development cycles. With DAC, you can go from concept to deployment rapidly, keeping you ahead in the competitive landscape.

Flexibility Across Platforms

Launch your IIoT solutions on any platform, be it AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Predix, thanks to DAC’s platform-agnostic design.

Break free from the constraints of traditional software development and leverage the power of IIoT with unparalleled speed and adaptability.


Enhance Usability for Users

Modern UI and Custom Widgets

The modern UI, responsive design, and custom widgets of DAC ensure that your applications are not only functional but also intuitive and engaging for users.

Intuitive Application Building

The responsive design and custom widgets simplify the creation of applications, making the process as intuitive as possible.

Seamless User Experience

Enjoy a consistent and seamless user experience that keeps users engaged and productive.

Customization at Your Fingertips

Easily tailor applications to fit your specific business needs without compromise.

improve usability 150%

Crafting user-friendly applications is now simpler, faster, and more customizable, enhancing the overall user experience and satisfaction.

Reduce Time to Market

Rapid Development Cycle

With Decisyon App Composer’s visual drag-and-drop features, developing your entire application from start to finish takes significantly less time, drastically reducing your time to market.

Speed in Application Development

Transform your application development process with tools that significantly cut down development time.

Quick Adaptation to Market Changes

Rapid development enables your business to respond swiftly to market demands and changes.

Efficiency in Resource Allocation

Save valuable resources by reducing the time needed for application development, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.


50% faster

Stay competitive and responsive in the fast-paced digital world by bringing your IIoT solutions to the market quicker and more efficiently than ever.


Seamless Integration

Easy Integration Features

DAC’s straightforward integration features enable you to seamlessly connect your existing databases, data lakes, and other systems without the complexity typically associated with integration processes.

Streamlined Data Utilization

Easily leverage existing organizational data, enhancing the functionality and intelligence of your IIoT applications.

Unified Operational View

Achieve a comprehensive view of your operations by integrating disparate data sources and systems.

Hassle-free Integration

Avoid the usual complexities of system integration with DAC’s user-friendly tools and features.

3x more integrated

Unlock the full potential of your data and systems through effortless integration, paving the way for smarter and more coherent IIoT solutions.

One-Click Deployment

Any Environment, Any Platform

Deploy your applications across any hybrid or multi-cloud environment with just one click, courtesy of DAC’s advanced containerization and deployment capabilities.

Unmatched Deployment Flexibility

Whether on-premises or in the cloud, deploy your IIoT solutions with unparalleled ease.

Scalability at Your Disposal

Easily scale your applications up or down based on your current needs, without the typical deployment headaches.

Reliability and Security

Trust in the secure and reliable deployment of your applications, regardless of the chosen environment.


3x more scalable

Enjoy the freedom to deploy and scale your IIoT applications in a way that best suits your operational needs and strategic goals, all with the simplicity of a single click.

Ready to Transform Your Manufacturing with IIoT?

Decisyon App Composer™ is more than just software - it's a revolutionary tool that empowers you to digitalize your manufacturing value chain, streamline processes, and uncover new opportunities. From raw data to actionable insights, DAC has everything you need to harness the power of IIoT and propel your business forward.

Explore what Decisyon App Composer™ can do for you today. Visit Decisyon Digital Factory for more information and to get started.

Unlock the power of Industry 4.0 and bring your digital transformation vision to life with Decisyon App Composer™.