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ADEO Creates Smart Audit & Internal Control Solution Using Decisyon App Composer™

ADEO engaged Decisyon to digitize a manual internal audit process and create a fully mobile solution that empowers department managers, makes internal auditors more efficient, and supports centralized control and data collection. The Decisyon solution gives ADEO a more efficient and reliable audit process, with 30% reduction in data entry and data collection time, 50% reduction in overall time spent on audits, and an estimated 800% ROI.


The Challenge: Increase Corporate Auditing Productivity

Before their Decisyon App Composer (DAC) digitized solution, internal auditors were limited in the number of audits they could perform, because each audit required an onsite visit. The auditors relied on manual data collection using spreadsheets, which was time-consuming. They were missing an easy method to build a centralized digital knowledge base of guidelines, regulations and checklists. The elapsed time required to complete the manual audits caused delays between risk identification and mitigation, impacting the bottom line.

The Solution: Digitized Workflow, Checklists, Controls, Data Collection and Analysis on a Distributed Mobile Interface 

  • The DAC Smart Internal Audit solution manages ADEO’s entire internal audit process. This process involves thousands of people at varying levels of responsibility such as internal auditors, department managers, and directors at the Store, Regional and Business Unit levels.
  • The DAC solution addresses all aspects of the department managers’ key responsibilities, from ensuring their availability on the sales floor in order to help customers choose the right products, to having adequate inventory that is properly shelved, to effectively scheduling staff to provide employees with good work-life balance.

The Results: A faster, more efficient and more reliable audit process, with thousands of employees now engaged in business risk management worldwide

After implementation and deployment of Decisyon’s Smart Internal Audit solution on multiple sites, ADEO reports an estimated ROI greater than 800%.

  • 30% Reduction in Time for Self-Evaluation and Audit Controls the time spent to input data was reduced by 30%.
  • 50% Reduction in Time to Collect and Consolidate Data  the time spent in the process for managers and supervisors is reduced by up to 50%, and data quality has  improved dramatically.
  • Double the Work Accomplished With No Increase in Audit Workforce The DAC solution effectively doubled the work accomplished without increasing the audit workforce.

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