Abafoods + Decisyon
Modular and Flexible MES to Boost
Performance, Productivity and Collaborative Intelligence

Abafoods is a leading producer of plant-based drinks in Europe, nurturing biodiversity since 1999. It produces a range of cereal drinks using rice, coconut, almond, oat, spelt and soy and has sustainable factories producing over 100 million liters of plant-based drinks per year using 5 aseptic lines.

Abafoods has strong R&D capabilities consistently delivering new concepts and innovative packaging. It operates an advanced manufacturing plant in Badia Polesine, Italy and manages around 400 hectares of organic farmland in Italy where it grows some of its raw materials.

Since 2020, Abafoods has been part of the French group Ecotone (, Europe’s leading organic food for biodiversity producer.


OT & IT Users
on the Shop Floor

Reduction in Internal Non-Conformities

to Plan

Service Level

“Decisyon’s App Composer allowed for a more flexible and dedicated solution compared to other MES solutions. The Ultra Hot Temperature (UHT) aseptic industry, like Food and Pharma, requires Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Decisyon allowed us to monitor both quality and performance in production, in real time, as well as at aggregated levels or in historical sequences.”


Luca Europeo

Operations Director
Italy at Ecotone

"By approaching our plant environment in a more horizontal and modular way we overcome the traditional constraints of the monolithic technologies and applications offered by most MES manufacturers.”

“150 users in all departments, from the line operator to the production manager, are now able to collaborate within the shop floor leveraging ERP, machine data, manufacturing and packaging analytics."


Shop Floor Digital Twin and Advanced Performance Optimization

Decisyon’s MES application connected all the machines in production lines, reading data and writing operational commands. By integrating these data with legacy systems and operators' inputs, Abafoods has the foundations to correctly measure and improve productivity. Automatic detection of line downtimes and speed losses and automatic allocation of stops by reason and machine reduce operators' manual activities, allowing them to focus on countermeasures. Decisyon’s MES application guides operators through the production process, visualizes real-time performance metrics, and enables them to communicate with key stakeholders in a unique, social, and collaborative environment.

In Process Control (IPC)

MES generates IPC in real time during each step of production (planned or unplanned using machine inputs), allowing production and quality operators to track all quality data needed for the production order. Real-time analysis and historical data allow MES users to act with confidence organizing and making “actionable” information and metrics coming from various sources (sensors, machines, and existing systems, ERP). This helps reduce production costs and material waste, and ensures customer satisfaction.


ERP and Material Handling
Orchestration and Optimization

Decisyon’s MES application collects and correlates all relevant data including sensors and business systems, and configures machine settings using ERP and process order data, while simultaneously changing the machine status accordingly. Decisyon’s MES also correlates this activity with available Gantt and paperless production plans to optimize material handling in each production phase through the final production process.

The Results

Abafoods now has a digitalized environment for managing operating instructions, material management, machine settings and In-Process Controls. All data is collected from the users, field and other systems. The MES holistic view of the entire operation significantly increases operations and production insight and outcome. Moreover, it improves operational communications, resulting in better decisions, improved processes, and enhanced risk mitigation. Decisyon’s MES application has helped reduce costs through automated data collection and proactive intervention when issues arise.

“Decisyon has allowed fast onboarding of users due to its intuitive visual UI; by generating relevant data it also allows for better communication between departments (maintenance, quality, etc.) for fast issue resolution.”

Luca Europeo, Operations Director Italy at Ecotone


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