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It’s a Brave New World. Are we ready for it?

Today, we live in a world where we can already manage our homes with the sound of our voice. I predict that one day your toaster will talk to your fridge and alert you when you are running out of bread, and your fridge will not only have the ability to self-heal/fix itself but will…

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Decisyon Just Made Monolithic Factory Data Systems Obsolete

San Francisco, California — May 22, 2018 — Decisyon, Inc. proudly announces the launch and immediate availability of Decisyon Digital Factory, designed from the ground up for Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platforms to rapidly digitalize and optimize plant operations and manage its smart digital twin. This smart digital manufacturing solution eliminates the need for…

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Smart Digital Factories

No matter what industry you’re in, every moving part within your factory relies on every other moving part. Your machines rely on operators. Operators rely on scheduling. Scheduling relies on maintenance. Maintenance relies on the parts department. Parts relies on inventory suppliers. Suppliers rely on shipping. And all of them rely on data. However, for…

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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is Labeled a Success With Newly Integrated Plant Operations

IoT Manufacturing Optimization

The Challenge Pharmaceutical manufacturers are among the most advanced users of technology and information systems. Their manufacturing processes are supported by multiple dedicated IT systems—some centralized, some local—yet these systems do not always cover everything needed for top-quality manufacturing in a heavily regulated industry. Often, additional capabilities are needed, such as 360° real-time views into…

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The Challenges of Warehouse Materials Handling Are Rendered Immaterial

Store Performance and Inventory Management

The Challenge A major manufacturing company was having trouble with its Materials Handling System (MHS), which is responsible for moving materials between facilities—several manufacturing plants, a warehouse, and a buffer warehouse—on time. The control system was inefficiently structured and was costing the company a lot of money. The legacy system required process orders to be…

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Data-Driven Models Enable Retailers to Display Operational Savvy

Warehouse Operations Management

The Challenge Rapid response to changing market conditions and customer demand is vital to retail success. Without a clear understanding of data trends, streamlined operational management and a way to plan for inventory requirements and sales, retail operations can incur high operating expenses that cut into profits and create huge losses. Retailers require a highly…

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No Adverse Reaction Here: Pharma Plant Unifies Production Operations

IoT Pharma Production Optimization

The Challenge A multinational pharma plant that produces innovative drugs wanted a unified solution to make its manufacturing operations more efficient. Like many pharma manufacturing plants that haven’t yet digitized their operations, the company found that direct communication between its departments, plant floor managers, and management was an ongoing challenge. As an example, the customer’s…

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IoT Real-Time Performance Management | Pharmaceuticals

IoT Real-Time Performance Management

The Challenge For a multinational manufacturer, improving its performance meant digitizing plants to eliminate inefficiencies across all levels of their operation. This large manufacturer wanted to digitize its world-class manufacturing operations to enhance its manufacturing performance by plant and geographic region. This meant replacing many of its existing management methods, including old style whiteboards and…

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IoT Smart Wind Farm | Renewables

IoT Renewables

The Challenge Windmill farms creating renewable energy must be optimized for the greatest power output and return on investment. They must also take into account maintenance needs, warranties and a range of performance issues. A managed service provider (MSP) faced this challenge in optimizing the “Smart Wind Farm” solution it provided to its key customer…

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