Today, Salesforce announced IoT Cloud, its shot at the IoT market.  At its center is Thunder, a massively scalable, real-time event-processing engine. And, once again, it’s all about processing lots of data…. Just like every vendor trying to create IoT offerings.

But processing large amounts of data from smart devices, IT systems and web services is simply the start.  It’s not a solution.  It’s not enough to build a solution.

What’s missing? “Everything.”

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is about connecting data, processes and things with PEOPLE.  At critical points along workflows, people need to make informed decisions about what to do next. And in the IoE world they need to do it quickly and take action.

Connecting people directly to data and processes is what separates Decisyon 360 from everything else.  Unlike other products, Decisyon 360’s patent-pending Social Objects technology enables business teams to collaborate directly on live data in flow. Where the real work is.

Until Decisyon, there have not been any fundamental breakthroughs in collaboration technology since Lotus Notes 20 years ago.  From Notes to Yahoo! Messenger to Jive, collaboration has essentially been conversations and information sharing in topic-centric chat rooms. Disconnected from actual decision-points across workflows, business teams have had to resort to email, conference calls and version-challenged documents to reach agreement.  And, all this takes time.

Decisyon 360 is the only IoE application platform for rapidly building solutions that apply collaboration directly to live facts — dramatically improving the ability of business teams to contextually analyze, collaborate, and quickly execute decisions with confidence.  Drop that on top of data processing and you have what you need to build a solution.

Developers, the opportunity to ‘humanize’ the IoT is here now.  Start weaving contextual collaboration directly into the fabric of your applications and see what people and machines can accomplish together.

Enough with all this data thunder noise.  Let’s unleash the lightning power of contextual collaboration!