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Accelerating Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing

Decisyon, Inc.

Decisyon is a software company focused on accelerating the digital transformation of businesses particularly in the manufacturing sector. Decisyon offers innovative production-ready Smart Manufacturing software solutions in the Industrial IoT (Industry 4.0) marketplace.  It also offers a visual low-code platform (Decisyon App Composer™) for citizen developers and non-technical users with comprehensive sets of widgets and modules to rapidly configure, deploy and modify applications to satisfy continuous changes in markets and clients’ demands.

Decisyon’s App Composer platform enables businesses to streamline their manufacturing processes, reduce manual labor, and increase operational efficiency. Today, tens of thousands of users in industrial conglomerates rely on Decisyon’s production-tested applications, user-friendly features and intuitive tools to connect all of the factory’s moving parts, connecting equipment, gathering and orchestrating sensor and business data, gaining a holistic view of the factory through creation of a digital twin, and obtaining real-time insights based on advanced analytics, predicting any down time and prescribing actions to prevent it that result in smarter decisions, resulting in a more efficient and intelligent digital enterprise.

Decisyon has strong partnerships with mega tech vendors in the Industrial IoT space such as Microsoft, Schneider Electric, and AWS. The company’s vertical solutions are delivering outstanding results across the globe in a diversity of manufacturing environments including CPG, Pharma, Industrial, and Renewables.

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