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Accelerating Digital Transformation and Smart Manufacturing

Decisyon is a pioneering software company dedicated to expediting the digital transformation of businesses, with a specialized focus on the manufacturing sector. Our primary mission is to provide innovative, AI-assisted, production-ready Smart Manufacturing software solutions within the rapidly evolving landscape of Industrial IoT (Industry 4.0).

One of our flagship offerings is the AI-assisted visual low-code platform, Decisyon App Composer™. Designed for both citizen developers and non-technical users, this platform comes equipped with a comprehensive array of widgets and modules. These tools empower users to swiftly configure, deploy, and adapt applications to meet the ever-changing demands of markets and clients.

Decisyon's App Composer platform serves as a catalyst for streamlining manufacturing processes, reducing reliance on manual tasks, and enhancing operational efficiency. Trusted by tens of thousands of users within industrial conglomerates worldwide, our platform's user-friendly features and intuitive tools enable seamless connectivity across all facets of the factory.

From equipment integration and data orchestration to the creation of digital twins and delivering real-time insights derived from advanced analytics and AI models, Decisyon enables businesses to make smarter decisions. Our predictive analytics capabilities forecast potential downtime and prescribe preventive actions, facilitating more efficient and intelligent digital enterprises.

Moreover, Decisyon has cultivated robust partnerships with leading tech giants in the Industrial IoT realm, including Microsoft, Schneider Electric, and AWS. Through these collaborations, our vertical solutions have garnered remarkable success stories across various manufacturing domains, spanning the Consumer Packaged Goods, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy sectors.

At Decisyon, our commitment lies in driving innovation and empowering businesses to excel in the era of Industry 4.0 and beyond. With our cutting-edge solutions and strategic partnerships, we are dedicated to assisting organizations in achieving their digital transformation objectives and unlocking new pathways for growth.


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