Rapidly Build and Release
Groundbreaking IoT Applications

Beyond the hype, beyond the buzzwords, there is a business reality.

Everyone wants to build business applications faster, better, and more cost effectively. Decisyon has been at the forefront of Internet of Things application development and Decisyon App Composer (DAC) is the fastest way to build sophisticated applications that integrate business, industrial, and machine data. We combine enterprise, cloud, and industrial application functionality into one unified user experience, empowering users to execute all functionality and processes in one application environment.

Revolutionize with
Decisyon Digital Factory

Decisyon Digital Factory is a unique solution in that it not only allows you to collect data, manipulate it, analyze it and put it into action – but to do so across every department in your operation. It is true collaboration that feeds information from other systems and devices directly back into your production line.


GE Aviation Takes Flight with Automated Data Testing and Collaboration

Goodbye, Excel. Hello, 50% reduction in R&D and costs.

With Optimized Operations, Smart Wind Farms Can Weather Any Downtime

$10 million ROI from a single wind farm in five years? Yes, please.

Multinational Manufacturing Plants Are Floored by Touch Screen Monitoring

Deliver large-scale geographical alignment with digital processes? Check.

CPG Company Packages Up Global Supplier Data for Real-time Decision Making

Stop the “spreadsheet tsunami.” Insert storm-free digital visibility.

No Adverse Reaction Here: Pharma Plant Unifies Production Operations

The results? Improved communication + better risk management + reduced cost.

Data-Driven Models Enable Retailers to Display Operational Savvy

Don’t miss out on the best sale ever: 10-15% reduction in operating expenses!

The Challenges of Warehouse Materials Handling Are Rendered Immaterial

Streamlined Operational Management means right place, right time, every time.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is Labeled a Success With Newly Integrated Plant Operations

The results are in: 50% activity efficiency gains; 15% operating expense reductions.

You select DAC. We do the rest.

Only Decisyon App Composer provides the complete solution to connect your business applications, employees, and data all without the need for extensive coding.