The Challenge

For a multinational manufacturer, improving its performance meant digitizing plants to eliminate inefficiencies across all levels of their operation. This large manufacturer wanted to digitize its world class manufacturing operations to enhance its manufacturing performance by plant and geographic region. This meant replacing many of its existing management methods, including old style white boards and spreadsheets, and creating a single point of access to many separate data sources and systems. The company wanted a solution quickly: they realized that any disruption caused by a lengthy development cycle would erode their competitive edge.

The Solution

Using Decisyon Digital Factory, a digital plant operation application was created that is being used on touch screen monitors across the plant floor at a number of locations. This Digital Factory Solution empowered plant operators to:

  • Access the shop floor and collect all relevant data and information from people and data sources
  • Identify “hidden” errors and generate specific alerts via smart multi-touch boards
  • Rapidly track and recommend specific corrective actions using DAC’s collaborative and visual environment
  • Encapsulate and aggregate data and key information during a formal review meeting
  • Facilitate and enable the performance dialogue via visual dashboards and analytics
  • Link the outcome with the next level of review
  • Connect the right people via a collaborative network

The Results

The Decisyon Digital Factory smart manufacturing solution has significantly transformed and enhanced the overall plant operation and its efficiency for this multinational manufacturing firm. It has improved how plant workers and operators exchange critical business information on the shop floor and among the various plants in other locations. This innovative approach helped:

  • Enhance Productivity: Reduce error-prone manual data/information collection and aggregation
  • Encourage Technology Innovation: Introduce elements of innovation to optimize and rationalize the Operational Excellence processes, resulting in zero impact on business operation for the adoption of the new digital processes
  • Target the Right Action: Boost its ability to define and implement targeted and contextualized actions based on available resources and indicators

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