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Real-Time Performance Management, Manufacturing Optimization & Asset Control.

Get a holistic view of your entire manufacturing operation. Make decisions using real-time data, when and where you need to. Connect all of the data, systems, sensors and people to put data into action, across every factory department, and in all of your factories around the world. Decisyon Digital Factory has everything you need to accelerate manufacturing optimization, in a flexible, visual, cloud-based  solution that is ready to deploy today.


Decisyon Digital Factory

Optimize Production. Make Better Decisions.
Improve Profits. All in real time.

Everything you need to manage and optimize your manufacturing operation.

We’ve put it all together, so you don’t have to. At Decisyon, we understand that successful manufacturing depends on making better decisions, faster, to outperform your competition. Decisyon Digital Factory brings together all of the data, KPIs, visualization and analytical functionality you need to get and keep that edge. You’ll experience a highly visual, intuitive product that can be used “out of the box” or easily customized to your KPIs, workflow, or specific production requirements. You can do all of this without custom coding and endless development cycles.

Line dashboard 16-9@2x

Visual MES

  • Remove/ spot issues as they occur and process repair orders
  • Configure and review data, and create analysis for KPIs
  • Define your specific tasks and trend your production

Digital Cockpit

  • Analyze root causes of problems
  • Define common tasks to solve
  • Review historic ‘solves" to help with future problems.
Digital Cockpit

We've just made your monolithic system obsolete.
Now, it's your turn.

No matter how large your factory there’s still no room for error.

Manufacturing operations come in all shapes and sizes. But regardless of whether you have a single location or a network of factories around the world, you still need a flexible solution that helps you increase your speed to value. With market conditions changing all the time, you can no longer afford to fall behind due to an inability to communicate across your entire plant. With Decisyon Digital Factory, you have everything you need to redefine your  business intelligence, interact with data in the field and collaborate to rapidly make better decisions to improve your efficiency and productivity.


Reduce waste. Increase production.
Improve your bottom line.

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