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Build, analyze, decide, act. Repeat.
Our rapid deployment of IoT applications gives you time so
you can focus on what matters most to your business.
(No coding required.)

Accelerate Your Business Today with Easy-to-Build IoT Applications.

Unified: One stop for multiple sources of data with a customizable view for relevant user experiences.

Fast: Quick to implement and execute. Speed-to-action for business decisions. Rapid evolution to account for change.

Scalable: Real-time processing of multiple data sources, all at massive scale.

Collaborative: Data, processes, people and things – all connected for empowered analysis and decision making.

Sustainable: Built for today, extensible for the technology of tomorrow.

New Thinking | Outstanding Results

Decisyon 360 delivered significant and measurable business impact when one of the world’s top energy suppliers wanted to change the game.

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$0M Return on Investment

from a single wind farm over the span of several years

0% Cost Reduction

per wind farm resulting from lower inventory and labor costs

$0M Gross Margin

creation per wind farm

0% Improvement

per wind farm through warehousing and logistics optimization

Stacked in your favor.


Decisyon accelerates time to value by delivering 4 critical elements of the solution architecture in one, unified environment. We simplify development and dramatically reduce application delivery time.

IoT Solution Stack

  • Collaboration & Process (Involving People & Business Processes)
  • Application (Reporting, Analytics, Control)
  • Data Abstraction (Aggregation & Access)
  • Data Accumulation (Storage)
  • Edge Computing (Data Element Analysis & Transformation)
  • Connectivity (Communication & Processing Units)
  • Physical Devices & Controllers (The "Things" in IoT)
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“Genpact is focused on driving transformation of our clients’ operations and Decisyon’s platform meets our requirements for rapidly building smart IoE solutions that incorporate big data, advanced analytics, collaborative decision-making, and execution capabilities in a unified, no coding environment … The Decisyon platform will help us add value to our clients by dramatically reducing cost, complexity, and time-to-implementation.”

Paul Burton
Senior Vice President of Analytics and Research at Genpact

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