Build IIoT apps visually, on any cloud platform
- no coding required.

Accelerate speed to value with pre-built industry solutions

Improve productivity & optimize operations with Decisyon Digital Factory

With Decisyon App Composer you can achieve improved efficiency in weeks, not months.

Connect all of the systems in your factory to analyze and solve problems in real time.

See why global companies rely on us for strategic solutions and increased profits.


Revolutionize with Decisyon Digital Factory

Decisyon Digital Factory is a unique solution in that it not only allows you to collect data, manipulate it, analyze it and put it into action – but to do so across every department in your operation. It is true collaboration that feeds information from other systems and devices directly back into your production line.


See how we built an industrial application in less than a week.

Decisyon App Composer (DAC) has a unique drag and drop environment that leverages a catalog of native Decisyon and other compliant microservices. That means you can accelerate the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and inject real-time intelligence into your business operations. No need for multiple applications or extensive coding.

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Powerful tools included. Coding optional.

Our DAC app dev environment comes with the out-of-the-box services for all your big data analytics solutions. You save time and energy on implementation and execution; we deliver faster results.

Data & Service Orchestration

Pull together and orchestrate relevant data and web services for analysis at the right time.

Business Intelligence

Utilize your apps and tools in a unified framework to gain insights and optimize decisions.

In-Context Collaboration

Communicate with key stakeholders in context in a unique, collaborative environment.

Rules & Learning

Unifies your business rules into a single, adaptable solution that learns as you grow.


Drag, Drop, Test, Deploy

With the Decisyon App Composer (DAC) dashboard, you are in the driver’s seat. Our Visual Editor allows you to select and design a control panel that matches your needs. The simple drag-and-drop interface gives you the power to determine what’s most important and where it belongs. Services are pre-built for you in our easy no-IT application development environment, but if you’re ready for even more power, DAC provides the ability to shift into fifth gear and leverage your own coding for further customization.

Accelerate Your Business Today with Easy-to-Build IoT Applications.


One stop for multiple sources of data with a customizable view for relevant user experiences.


Quick to implement and execute. Speed-to-action for business decisions. Rapid evolution to account for, and to better predict, change.


Real-time processing of multiple data sources, all at massive scale.


Data, processes, people and things – all connected for empowered analysis and decision making.


Built for today, extensible for the technology of tomorrow.

New Thinking, Outstanding Results.

Decisyon App Composer delivered significant and measurable business impact when one of the world’s top energy suppliers wanted to change the game.


Return on Investment

from a single wind farm over the span of several years


Cost Reduction

from a single wind farm over the span of several years


Gross Margin

from a single wind farm over the span of several years



from a single wind farm over the span of several years

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